Birmingham Botanical Gardens

a natural treasure trove

In the vibrant city of Birmingham lies a natural treasure trove that blends heritage, culture, and biodiversity to create a unique green space.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens was established in 1829 and designed by renowned Scottish botanist and garden designer, J.C. Loudon. Now a Grade II* listed landscape, the Gardens is testament to Birmingham's storied past.

Spanning across 15 acres upon a conservation area, just a stone's throw from the city centre, you can find over 7,000 plants-an
unrivalled botanic collection in central England. The Garden's ingenious layout takes full advantage of its undulating terrain, creating microclimates that support diverse flora, from grasses to bog gardens. Upon entering the site, you are greeted by the four iconic Victorian Glasshouses. The Tropical House, dating back to 1852, once showcased the majestic Victoria amazonica water lily. Joining the collective are the Subtropical Glasshouse (1870's), and the Terrace Glasshouses (1880's) which feature Mediterranean and arid plants.

The Garden's rolling lawn creates a natural amphitheatre, (a rare feature of botanical gardens), and at the bottom stands an authentic bandstand erected in 1874. This bandstand provided a stage to history, hosting Neville Chamberlain's inaugural speech in Birmingham as Prime Minister in 1937 and served as an air raid shelter during World War II. The bandstand was recently restored to its former glory with original features and colour scheme.

History can be found echoing throughout the garden. You will encounter plants and trees from across the globe, introduced to England and the western world by historical botanists. Water still flows through the Victorian coade stone fountain (built in 1850), that once shared its space with seals at a time when the Gardens housed the largest zoological collection in the Midlands. Today, the Gardens houses a modest collection of small animals, alongside large bird aviaries that serve as a resource for our award-winning educational programme.

The Gardens are about to embark on a major capital development project to restore the Glasshouses to ensure they stand for another 200 years. Come and visit the Gardens, before the restoration begins and witness years of history and the legacy of decades of conservation.

With alpine gardens, rock gardens, the National Bonsai Collection in the Japanese Garden, and a pinetum, the garden promises something for every visitor. Don't miss the Terrace Café overlooking the gardens or the gift and plant shop, where you can take a piece of this paradise home.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a charity and stands as one of two of the UK's last independent botanical gardens. Open year-round (except Christmas and Boxing Day), it has delighted visitors for nearly two centuries. Explore the living time-capsule of nature and history, right in the heart of Birmingham.